I offer a variety of services. BDSM, the play and the interaction between me as your Mistress and you as my slave, however, is a sincere passion of mine. Our play can vary from soft erotic to hard carte blanche sessions based on your limits, but certainly my own desires, which are awakened in me at that moment. I recently became available for a dinner dates, overnight stays, shopping trips or weekend sessions, due to request of a number of regular slaves. For further explanation, what you can expect during a session and what etiquette I use, I refer to the FAQ page. If you have certain wishes or fantasies for a session, they are always negotiable, but in the end I am and will remain your Mistress.


Studio sessions

You want to visit me, your Mistress in my natural habitat? Coming to me in a studio, in which I, as a spider in a web, are waiting for you. With bending knees and a heavy heart you will wait for me in front of my door.Do you hear my heels approaching after you have knocked on my door? Do you feel the tension? I have high standards on myself and my environment. The same also applies, of course, to the locations I choose to play. Hygiene, space, appearance, discretion and good play furniture are all factors that I look at when choosing a Studio as a play location. After all, it has to be a good space, where I can make you crazy and can abuse you in many ways.

  • 1/2 hour €100,-
  • 1 hour €200,-


Hotel sessions : at least 2 hours

A hotel session is generally slightly different from a session in a studio. The tension is built up in a different way, because you are the one waiting for me to knock on your door. You are in a setting in which you do not know exactly what I can do with you. Do I tie you to the bed? Or will I use the office chair you were just working on? In any case, it is in no way predictable and assume that things are going to happen that you have never imagined.

  • Hotel sessions start from € 500, - every extra hour costs € 200, -


Overnight: dining, kinky play,and breakfast

This arrangement is ideal for those who would like to experience what it is like when the line between private and kink fades somewhat and time is less of an issue. Not really a GFE, but I think this arrangement is best compared with this. After a romantic dinner, we will go to the room together for a kinky evening / night, then sleep ( maybe with me in one bed ) and have breakfast together the next morning. This package is ideal if you want to take the time to spend a wonderful kinky time together.

  • This package lasts 13 hours and starts around 19:00/20: 00 hours1,400, -


Weekend Fun

Weekend Fun is somewhat in line with the Dine, Kinky Fun & Breakfast package but even more extensive. We will enjoy the time that we have together and I will use every moment to make you a bit more addicted to me. A weekend with me means a weekend full of Kinky pleasure.

  • The weekend fun package lasts from Friday evening to Sunday evening 3,500, -


Ménage à Trois

Not one but two sensual ladies, who come to seduce you. Or have you fantasized about me and my bull, in a cuckold session or in a forced bi session? dreamed of being dominated by two ladies? Or do you prefer a dominant and a sub? Everything is possible. A great experience that you will never forget. The Ménage àTrois package will awaken all your senses.

  • The price for this package is on request as my playing partners all charge a different price. Ask for the prices in the mail.


Online Domination

Online sessions can be scheduled every Wednesday between 18:00 and 19:30 and 21:30 to 23:00 at least one day in advance. The payment must be transferred one day before the session to my account number, which you can obtain via the mail. The following rates apply for this.

  • 30 minutes €60, -
  • 60 minutes €100, -

Wine & Dine

What could be better than a flirtatious, romantic appointment? An exciting high-minded conversation with a beautiful intelligent woman during an intimate dinner together? Where you can freely talk about your submissive feelings. Perhaps I can help you with matters that you have never dared to discuss with anyone else and give you some BDSM and Kink-related advice. In any case, the wine & dine package guarantees a fantastic, intimate evening together. It is true that there will be no physical intimacy at the end, but who knows maybe we will get to it next time.

  •  The wine & dine package takes about 3 hours € 400, -


Meet & Greet

The meet & greet arrangement is perfect for those who like to get to know me in a public setting before playing. Here, for example, we can talk together about our kinks, wishes and in this way we can already build up the tension on what will come later. Who knows, the fantasies discussed could perhaps come true.

  • The meet & greet arrangement lasts 3 hours, the first hour of which is spent at a public location. €600,-


Wine, Dine and Kinky Fun

Fine dining, meeting of minds with a kinky touch. With the thought of what might come,the tension is built up. Not only will you have a great dinner, but you may want to make dinner extra exciting with a discrete butt plug that I will control while talking about our kinks. So you can warm up before I start using you in a private setting.

  • The wine, dine and kinky fun package lasts 4 hours, of which about two hours will be spent at the table € 750, -

Shopping trip

What is more beautiful than looking in my eyes while you buy a beautiful gift for me? A pair of beautiful new shoes, for example, that I might wear during a session at a later time. Or maybe that new lingerie set that you have been looking for, for me for so long? How would it fit me? Maybe I'll show you in the fitting room and ask you what you think. A shopping trip at least guarantees a lot of sensuality and playfulness, where you will have to do your utmost to keep your lust in control. Do not forget .... I am a great tease

  • In the Netherlands, minimum amount to be spent €750, -
  • Abroad, minimum amount to be spent €1,000, -  + expenses (to be discussed in advance)


Contract Slavery

As a commercial Domina I am aware that all slaves have their own preferences and some have a long list of things that they do not even want to try. There is nothing wrong with that. When you think that description fits you as a slave, then contract slavery is not for you. Contract slavery is meant for slaves, who want to give me more or less carte blanche during a certain longer period of time. Slaves who want to experience what it is to really serve a dominant woman for a longer period of time with all her spontaneous, hidden and surprising lusts and demanding desires. It’s a bit like a relationship, where I can decide everything wonderfully and can make you crazy for a long time and will be able to play with you in all kinds of ways whenever I want and when I feel like it.

  • A reallife contract starts from €500 per month and an online contract starts from €200 per month