We all know that values and culture play an extensive role in the world of sex, and lets expect that this differs from country to country. As a highly educated mistress I visit countries to discover the positive correlation between the cultural achievement of subs and the sexual restraint they observe. I want to teach subs all over the world that culture should not be a factor that limits your fantasies. Furthermore, am I aiming to learn and observe more about all aspects of BDSM from every possible angle, and in my opinion there is no better way of doing this than experiencing BDSM in different cultures. This year I’m planning on visiting the following countries.



Denmark ( Copenhagen )        3th of May - 5th of May
Doubles possible with the seductive Mistress No. 1

Germany ( Berlin )           3oth of May -  1st of June
Doubles possible with the gorgeous BizarLady Estelle  

June ( dates coming soon ) 

England ( London )
Doubles possible with the sensual goddes Adreena Angela

Doubles possible with the one and only Madame Caramel

August ( dates coming soon )

France ( Paris )
Spain ( Bilbao )
Spain ( Barcelona )

As you can see I only offer doubles with the best of the best mistresses all around Europe, if you wish to make an appointment in one of these countries a deposit is mandatory. You can make an appointment by filling in the contact form as good as possible. You can find the contact form here.

See you soon on the other side !