Te Koop

My exclusive members get the chance to buy some of my worn out items. these items differ from worn panties, to worn out shoes. other things you can buy are my spit and champagne. all items will be sent in a discrete box, or envelope. tributes can be discussed through whats app and mail! You will get pictures of me wearing the items you buy.


Hey you, my panty sniffing bitch. you like the idea of me wearing these panties you will buy. putting them over your head, licking them out, sniffing every possible sence out of them. tribute now and maybe you will be the next lucky slave sniffing my panties.
Nylon fetish ? no problem, you'll get the chance of buying my worn out nylons, you can buy hold ups or normal nylons. you can ask me to wear them with or with out panties. whatever your fetish i will make them come true
Hello my bootlicking boy, you like the idea of my heels ticking on the floor. walking inside and outside the house, feeling totally weak for them. or maybe you are less of a heel lover but like the idea of my sweaty feet in my gym shoes. all kinds of boot/heel fetish are possible, you just need to tribute and ask and in 2 days you will be laying next to a pair of my shoes
Socks, sweaty and smelly, keeping my feet warm. comforting me every moment of the day. You will sniff those bad boys untill your brain cant take it anymore!
I know you completely adore me, admire me, maybe want to be me. You know you cant't be me, but you will get the chance to look like me, by buying my used clothes. Dress up like me and become the perfect little bitch you are!
My warm champagne straight from the fountain, are you lucky enough to get a taste ? not all slave will. but you'll get the chance to taste it ! drink it, lick it, taste me! You're thinking of me, spitting in your mouth, feeling my warm saliva dripping of your face. You can get this taste at home, tribute and buy my saliva and get the real Sophie's taste!