I had a booking with a new slave, who showed interest in becoming a new boy in my stable of slaves and who showed interest in a femdom relation. I like to get to know new slaves, but as I am already busy with my lovely regulars, I do not easily make special arrangements with new ones. That comes with time. However I am ready to consider good slaves who show their commitment and willingness to serve.

Break the Ice

He knocked on my door on time, which is always important. I opened the door a bit and let it slowly slide more open. At first he didn’t dare to step in, like most slaves don’t, so I told him to come in. He seemed a little nervous, so I decided to chat with him a little to break the ice. He had travelled a bit to my dungeon, so first I commanded him to take a shower. I always want my slaves to be fresh and clean. He went upstairs and I stepped into my dungeon to wait for him.

In a few minutes I heard his steps on the stairs and he entered my dungeon with his towel wrapped around his waist.

“Why are you wearing that towel?”, I asked him.

“I just…”, he mumbled.

“Shut up. It seems like I must begin your education from the basic fundaments of Femdom. Fold the towel, get on all fours and come here.”, I told him, and he nervously obeyed.

I was sitting on my spanking bench on the far end of my dungeon. He did not look too comfortable crawling towards me.

“Sit”, I commanded him.

I petted his head briefly.

“Hmmm, do you think you’ve got what it takes to become my slave”, I asked him softly.

“Yes”, he replied

“Yes what?”, I asked him with a stern voice.

“Yes, I do”, he said.

“No, no, no, no, you will address me either Mistress or Ma’am. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress”, he replied.

The first fundament

“Hmh, okay you have to understand that I do this for your own best. Today we will learn about the four basics of Female led relationship. First one is called clothed female, nude male. You probably understand what that means. This is how our sessions will be; I will be always wearing clothes, you on the other hand will be nude unless I decide otherwise. This creates certain power dynamic, it will be clear that I am in control and you are in a very vulnerable state. And I am going to see this only once: never ever request me to show you any parts of my body. Is this clear?”

“Yes, Mistress”, he replied.

A collar and leash

I took a collar and leash that I had picked up earlier and told him to get closer, so that I could put it on him.

“If you want to become one of my special slaves, it must be clear that when I command, you must obey right away without any excuses. Your safe word is “mercy”, but remember that if you really want to become one of my special boys, you must go the extra mile… and more to keep me pleased. I have plenty of people, who want to session with me, so if you are going to scream your safe word at the smallest threshold, I will get bored quickly. Is this clear?”

“Yes, Mistress”

“Okay, you see my toys on the wall over there. I want you to crawl over there and bring me handcuffs and a riding crop, so we can get started”

“Yes, Mistress”

He started to crawl towards the end of the room. He tried to grab the handcuffs with his hands, but I told him to use his mouth. He seemed to struggle a bit and that amused me, but I told him to hurry up, because he was wasting time.

The second fundament

“You told me in your email that you want me to lock your cock in chastity. That’s good. I like it, and that’s our second fundament. Slaves must learn that they get their pleasure from serving their Mistress, not from their dicks. You should no longer care about if you get to cum.”, I said to him as he was crawling back towards me.

“You see, men are so much more obedient and so willing to please, when they are in chastity”

On all fours

He was on all fours in front of me. I told him to get up on his knees and got up from the bench, picked the crop and the cuffs from his mouth. Then I locked his hands behind his back.

“From now on you won’t be allowed to touch your small dick anymore without my permission. I hope you enjoyed you pathetic last wank, because that filthy habit is over now.”, I told him.

I pulled his leash as I turned around.

“Worship my ass, slave”, I commanded him.

He started kissing it eagerly.

“Do you like my ass, slave”

“It’s gorgeous, Mistress. I love it, Mistress. I love your gorgeous ass, Mistess”, he was panting. He was getting horny and it was easy to tell.

“Get your head in there”, I told him and pulled his leash harder, so his face got pulled tight against my ass.

“Yeah, that’s more like it”, I told him.

I looked down and saw his dick hard and ready. I casually teased it, and flipped it a few times with my high heels.

“Are you hard already?”, I asked him.

“Yes, yes I am, Mistress”, he said.

“Naughty, naughty boy. But since it’s going to be your last erection in a long time, I hope you are going to enjoy it. Turn around and lay your head on the lower step of the bench.” I told him.

As he did it I sat on his face with my full weight, so that he will get properly acquainted with my big ass. I also grabbed the riding crop and gave him a few slaps on his dick and balls just for fun.

The third fundament

“Third fundament is punishment and pain. Because even chastity is not enough for you lazy men, you need extra motivation. Dream of the most powerful orgasm you’ve ever had is not enough, you need to be afraid of something too. And that something are my sadistic punishments.”, I said while giving his face a little break from face sitting, and giving my speech a beat by slapping him with the crop.

I got up and pulled him up too. I pulled him close to me and placed his dick between my favourite boots and gave him a little squeeze

“Does this feel good, slave”

“Yes, Mistress”

“Okay, now I want you to hump. Hump between my boots with your small dick.”

He started slowly.

“Come on, go faster. It will be the last time you’ll get any pleasure from your dick in a long time, so go and hump.”

Hump the air

He started to go faster and it did not take too long before he said that he’s about to cum. I moved my legs just a little and he was humping air. I bent forward and reached the tip of his dick with my fingers. And that’s when cum spurted from his dick. With minimal touch like that it was a perfect ruined orgasm. He was catching his breath.

“What do you think you are doing? You are making a mess! And without my permission! Lick it up!”, I commanded him and he obeyed. He gagged at first when his tongue caught those lumps of cum from the floor, but he lapped it up like a good boy.

“Hmmm, you disappoint me, slave. It seems like I must show you what punishment means. Get on the bench with your ass up”, I told him as I went to get a ball gag and my favourite whip.

I put the ball gag in his mouth and explained him the rules.

“Slave you made a mess even when I told you to hold it. I am disappointed and I don’t want to hear your whining.”

I attached him to the bench, and put a coin in his hand.

“Because you are gagged and can’t say the safeword. If you want me to stop, you just drop the coin. Your punishment is what I call “tears + 5”. I will spank you until I see some real tears and after that I will give you five really good ones. If you drop the coin, the session is over and you have missed your chance of becoming one of my special slaves. Nod if that’s understood.”, I said and he nodded.

The warm up

I started hitting him. First just to warm him up and slowly getting more serious. He was mumbling behind his gag, and it was clear that he was starting to hurt. I gave his ass a few quite strong hits, and I could hear his suffering.

“Good boys do not make a mess in their Mistress’s dungeon, that’s why you are getting a reminder”, I told him.

Slowly but surely, he was starting to break, and I could hear him sobbing behind his gag, and the coin still in his hand. I gave him a few good ones before going closer. Tears were running on his cheeks. I removed the ball gag and told him to count and thank me after each hit.

I went and got my paddle and patted his already bruised ass.

“Okay, so only five more.”, I told him and gave him a hit as hard as I could. He let out a half scream, but quickly said:

“One. Thank you, Mistress”

His voice was breaking from the torment his ass was taking. So I swatted again.

“Two. Thank you, Mistress”

“Three. Thank you, Mistress”

Only two more to go. I wanted him to beg for mercy, so I didn’t give his ass time to recover and gave him another good one.

“Four. Thank you, Mistress”

He sounded broken, he was crying loud and clear. So I gave him the last one.

“Five. Thank you, Mistress”

“Well done slave, I really didn’t think that you could take it.”, I told him as I patted his butt cheeks with my one hand, and wiped his tears with the other one.

The fourth fundament

“So we have one more fundament to go. That’s strap-on. I told you before about the dynamics between Mistress and her slave. And for that strap-on is the perfect tool. Boys bending over with their asses up, giving their tight little assholes for me to take mercilessly.”

I unattached him from the bench and told him to follow me. I gave him the strap-on and told him to help me put it on. It is so humiliating for a guy to handle a big always hard strap-on, and slide it up their Mistress legs, knowing what she is going to do with that strap-on.

“Okay, turn around and bend over.”, I told him.

Push it in

I quickly grabbed some lube, fingered his bruised ass quickly before pushing my strap-on in. He let out a groan, which didn’t sound like he is enjoying it.

“You should get used to this slave. You will learn to enjoy and appreciate when you get fucked in the ass. Eventually you will beg to get fucked in the ass by my bull, just to get any pleasure.”, I told him as I started to pound his ass faster.

“Yeah, that’s it. Push back and take my cock, slave.”, I encouraged him as I pulled his leash while fucking him with full force.

“Okay, I think we are done. Go get me that chastity cage, so I can lock you up.”

I got him locked up, I swung the key in front of his nose, and then placed the key in my bra.

“That’s it. My experience says it that you will send me a few excited messages in the next few days, but after about a week your tone will get more desperate. So I wonder how long can you last before you are begging me for the next session… My guess is two weeks, so I am looking forward to that, slave”, I told him with a cheeky smile.

“Yes, mistress”, he replied.

“Okay, I am done. You’ll find your clothes upstairs.”