Why I love contract slavery and why you should consider it, too.

As some of you may already know, I’m a huge fan of contract slavery and everything that comes with it. Particularly for the dynamics it creates between Me and my slaves. The total power exchange, making you vulnerable and weak… and most of all making you a lifetime addict of Mistress Sophie. But what is contract slavery and what could it mean to you? In this blog I will tell you everything that there is to know about contract slavery and how it truly reflects my thoughts about what a Femdom relationship should be like.

What is contract slavery?

A BDSM contract is a written agreement between Me (the dominant) and you (the submissive ) that outlines the details of our relationship. This contract may apply to the entire length of our relationship or just for a set period of time, depending on how far you are willing to go. Contracts may detail specific acts, rules, payments, and boundaries that are mutually agreed on during the length of the contract. Remember: these contracts are not legally binding, but you will get punished if you fail to fulfill your part of our agreement.

Slave contracts are the most common contracts in the world of BDSM. They signify ownership, duties and responsibilities of both parties. We negotiate the terms and agree on necessary changes before signing. Sometimes contracts cover specified amount of time and sometimes they denote a lifetime commitment.

Why contract slavery?

As a commercial domme I am aware that all slaves have their own preferences and some also have a long list of things they are not even willing to try, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you think that description fits you as a slave, then contract slavery isn’t for you. Contract slavery is meant for those who really want to devote themselves to the needs of their Mistress, and are not just seeking discrete sexual adventures with a stunning Mistress.

Becoming my contract slave is like entering into a female led relationship with me. A contract slave relationship has dynamics that are consistent with most female led relationships. And let’s be frank boys: that’s how all relationships should be, right?

From daily contact to dinners

So we will probably have daily contact, we will talk about the normal stuff in life as well as the kinky stuff that will get us both aroused. I will tease and deny you when I want to, and I will punish you when I think it’s necessary. We will go out for dinners, and go on trips, but in the end I will always be the one who is in control of things. It means that I am given more freedom about taking the reins of our relationship and need to worry less about the framework you have given me. Regular sessions are a nice way to enter the wonderful world of BDSM, but contract slavery is a possibility for you to get that female led relationship that you have always dreamt of.

Contract slave relationships are more about me and regular sessions more about the slave. And I can tell you one universal fact of life: when a woman feels that her needs in a
relationship are fulfilled, then also the man gets more out of it.

More than just an hour session

Contract slavery is for those who are looking for more than just an hour-long session, and want to experience what power exchange really means. Being a commercial domme is fun, that’s why I do it. I like to be able to help people fulfill their fantasies, but that’s not really how I see myself as dominant, because it sets too many limits for me. It is more about the needs of the slave than the dominant. Ironic, right?

Sometimes I feel like I play the part of a dominant, just to fulfill the needs of my clientele, but at the same time I am not allowed to really be in control of the session as a dominant. As time has gone by I have come to realise that that isn’t the kind of domme I want to be. I guess I could say that I have also learned about myself and evolved beyond the mould of your average commercial domme. I have developed my own style and path and that is the direction I am aiming towards. Ideally I would have something like a harem of contract slaves, who would fulfill all my needs and I would only do regular sessions if it happens to amuse me.

Be open-minded

As you all hopefully know already, BDSM relationships are based on trust and affection. And while I understand how it can be exciting for you, seeing slaves and talking to them just once a month does no longer allow me to fulfill my potential as a domme. So in other words, while a regular session is a platform for you to try kinky things, for the complete Mistress Sophie experience, you must be open-minded for becoming my contract slave

Don’t get me wrong, it can be nice to witness your journey into different aspects of BDSM, but that also is the problem. I sincerely believe that to get the best possible BDSM experience with me, you need to trust me as your Dominant. Regular sessions are too much about the client and to me Femdom should always be all about THE DOMINANT WOMAN.

A ‘good‘ slave contract

My personal definition of a “good” slave contract is not the only one in the world or even necessarily the best one for you. It does include a few criteria that I have seen in every working, happy, healthy, functional, long term BDSM relationship I have personally lived with or known of. They’re pretty simple and basic, and they tend to apply to relationships outside of BDSM as well in my experience.

Here are my observations for what makes a “good” slave contract and a practical basis for a working, long term BDSM relationship:

1. realism and honesty

both me (the mistress) and you (the sub) are experienced enough to know what we can both actually live with on a day to day basis. Don’t sign up for things you haven’t experienced yet, just because you think I may like it. Be honest enough to admit you are exploring your limits, because we don’t want you to experience something you are not  yer ready for. Also unrealistic fantasies have no space in a contract, as you may understand you are not my only contract slave, but rather just one in my harem of boys, so don’t expect that something like living with me or anything that kind of looks like this will be in the contract.

2. Compatibility of desires.

We both need to be genuinely happy with the conditions which are mentioned in the contract.
In other words, some subs that are only in this because they want to be my sextoy because they think that will be the reward without having a genuine interest in other aspects of BDSM aren’t what i am looking for. Note that you will be one of my long term partners and promising to do something in our slave contract that you really, truly have no interest in doing, is going to become a problem rather sooner than later.

3. Solid experiental basis

If you want to become one of my contract slaves, we must already have a basis of experience together or you should be an experienced submissive, so that you know your likes and dislikes. I have personally observed that slaves who are new to BDSM must first experience what BDSM means to them and what they need from a domme. As an experienced dominant I work with a contract template that I have found a success in the past, so I can adapt it for new relationships. In order to make this template work a certain amount of experience must be there to discuss the terms and conditions.

4. Openness for reassesment

I normally reassess my contracts with my subs twice yearly. It is a chance for us to look into things that aren’t working. I understand that there are always things in life that are beyond our control, but they should not necessarily be seen as a reason to terminate our contract. Sometimes changes are made because of gaining or losing a job or income, a change in living circumstances or maybe an illness, who knows.

Experience has led me to see that a contract that isn’t open for reassessing is going to end up as a failure. A contract should be between two growing people, who want to make each other’s lives better, and I have learned that this is best achieved by being flexible.
These criteria for a working slave contract aren’t so very different to the expectations of a healthy vanilla marriage – honesty, realism, compatibility, listening to your partner and being willing to negotiate.

A set of slave rules or a contract that is used as the core trust basis of a relationship tends not to work. As well in my experience if it is more like a list of New Year’s resolutions of what you want to have in the relationship, rather than a practical model of what already works for you. New Year’s resolutions can be easily broken and laughed off. Fundamental mutual trust can’t. Know the difference.

Chastity in a contract

Chastity will not work for all of my subs as some of you are in a vanilla relationship or just can’t manage to make it work in your daily schedule, but in this paragraph I will tell you about why I’m into chastity. Chastity for me is a good way to keep the relationship pure. Not that I think it is really needed, because a real sub doesn’t need a device to enforce their devotion to their Mistress. If in your mind your chastity is about you, I suggest you reconsider your basic principles before you submit to me.

Chastity is all about my pleasure, because I can tease you when I want to and to be sure that you can’t play with yourself. That gets me aroused in so many ways. Not only is chastity there for my arousal, but chastity is one of the greatest gifts along with your submission you can give to me. I actually believe that no one can make you submit, but that you are the only one who can decide that you want to submit. Furthermore, there can be no mistress that can put you in chastity, you are the only one who can decide that. But speaking out of experience chastity subs get more in the end… ha-ha-ha.

The payment

There is no fixed price for contract slavery, because all contracts are customized to our needs and wishes.
As every contract may differ, and every sub has a different income, the price, terms and conditions will always be discussed in private contact.

there are three possibilities for payment
– every 3 months
– every 6 months
– once a year

Payment can also be done in other forms, but this as well can be discussed in private contact.

Still curious about contract slavery? Please do  contact me through whatsapp or email with your proposal.