The true gift of submission

It was just hanging there, right on the wall.
neither of us said a thing, as you crawled towards it.
driven out of fear, the fear of not knowing.
led you to believe it was just better to submit.

My eyes can tell stories, stories of love and pain.
You allowed those eyes to abduct you
completely in love with my ways.
My ways to make you submit, without saying one word.
Just you me in this room in complete utterly silence,
knowing damn well who’s in charge.

Me your domme, you my submissive.
only that one thing hanging on the wall to break the silence.
the fear of not knowing, the fear of not submitting to me.
Is what brings you and I even closer

Should you just surrender, and do as those eyes tell,
or do you want to speak and beg for mercy.
But knowing mercy is not given to those who don’t try,
makes you crawl to the wall even faster.

Not forcing you to do anything, but knowing it will please me,
makes you take it from the wall and hand it over to me.
Feeling so undisputedly naked, and so damn fragile.
shows the gift of true submission, the most graceful thing a sub can give.