We all know those cliënts that keep on asking for services which some of us don’t provide. This applies to both domina’s and bizarrladies, but what is actually the difference between a domina and a bizarrlady ? Today I will try to explain it in the most simple way, and in the end I hope you will know which type of domme suits you best.

The dominatrix ; a classical bdsm player

A domina or dominatrix is what we call a classic bdsm player, but what can be described as classic BDSM ? Well let me explain, a dominatrix is a woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM activities. A dominatrix might be of any sexual orientation, but her orientation does not necessarily limit the genders of her submissive partners. The role of a dominatrix may not always involve physical pain toward the submissive but it most likely does; her domination will not be erotic and can be verbal, involving humiliating tasks, or servitude.

Dominatrices often create intense play scenes that mostly comprehend pain play such as spanking, bondage, nipple play and so on. Dominatrices don’t like being touched in any form, unless you are told to.  Being granted the touch of kissing her hand or touching her feet means that you did very well otherwise you would never be granted the grace of touching her. This does not mean that a session with a domina cannot be erotic. On the contrary, most dominatrices like to manipulate men in anyway they want. This can include some erotic scenes, but keep in mind that a domina will never let you feel or taste any intimate parts of their bodies.

The bizarrlady ; for erotic play

On the other hand a bizarrlady is way more approachable for those who like more erotic play in their session. Bizarrladies are known for showing lots of their bodies, and wearing beautiful latex and lingerie. These types of dommes are more likely to play with you in a more lustful way, and play the more soft erotic session types. Tease and denial, edging and cum control are some feasible acts that can be used during their sessions. Some bizarrladies offer oral sex, some offer intercourse, others don’t like intercourse but love to seduce you with their beautiful naked bodies. Usually touching will not be punished, and sometimes even more is negotiable. This all depends on what she likes, or whether she connects to you.

So how do I describe myself ?

Well I’m not completely sure what type of domme I am. It all depends on my mood and the setting. It also depends on your behaviour and on whether I feel a connection. Sometimes I get a real urge to punish a sub just because he feels entitled to certain things. Sometimes I don’t even feel like punishing but just teasing for hours and so on. I assume that the type of sub that fits me best can be described as sub missives that like to please a woman in every form what so ever.

What domme fits you best ?

I really believe that it is important to have a clear view of what you like and do not like before you visit a domme. Start by doing some research on the internet, search the internet for kink movies. Kink.com is a great website for those who have never experienced BDSM and don’t know what they are searching for in a domme yet. This website covers all sorts of kink from extreme hard to soft erotic, see what arouses you. After you did your desk research think about what you would like to experience. Note down what is important to you, and what you didn’t like. Would you like your session to be erotic ? Do you want an orgasm ? Are you in to pain ? Note that the better you are informed the easier it will be to find the right domme for you.

Most dommes are experienced enough to help you with certain kinks and fantasies, but you always need to be honest about your expectations. When you don’t know what you want or need, dommes will have a very hard time extracting this from you.

Do not choose based on looks!

Another hint I can give is to never choose a domme based on her looks. Looks are great and all but you can get really disappointed if these looks don’t meet your spiritual level. This is also one of the reasons I don’t show my face. I don’t believe it should be necessary to choose me based on my looks, yes I know my pictures show a lot of skin, but this does not mean I believe that this should be the thing you should only concentrate on. If you have a fetish for clothes or a certain look, state this clear in your inquiry, this is part of the fantasy we sell.

At last, be yourself this is the only way you will find your perfect match. Also, never try to force a domme to be something they are not, because this will never work. I hope this blog was informative for you and helps you to find your play partner.