Privilege and pleasure of Mrs. Sophie’s slave

I have had the pleasure and privilege of doing a few sessions with Mrs. Sophie, and she has amused herself by keeping me as her chastity slave. Some of you readers may wonder about the excitement of long distance slavery. Yes, I still fondly think of my sessions with Mrs. Sophie as her slave. How nervous I was when she commanded me to enter her studio, how my heart felt as if it had stopped beating and only cold sweat dripping from my forehead. So diffucult it was how she teased me while watching me clean myself up before the start of the session. But also the excitement of seeing her gorgeous body. How she collared me and walked me on a leash.

How I was privileged to adore her perfect ass, while I followed her on my all fours around her studio. I remember how cold and hard her studio floor felt under my bare knees. But also the excitement of the chastity cage key entering the lock. After not having a proper hard on for a good two weeks, it felt heavenly to be allowed to stretch my male member.

Toying with me

As a long distance slave, this is only a dream for me now, but Mrs. Sophie sure has her ways of toying with her chastity slave. She has this sweet but strict sense of control, and she is not afraid to amuse herself at my expense. Her messages surprise me, when I least expect, and that makes my cage feel tight in an instant. She makes me do things, and her sweet voice messages reminding me to be a good boy for Mommy, make sure that I always follow her orders. She knows how her little voice messages make me melt.

Her sweet, velvety voice that has commanded me, makes me feel the connection even if there is a distance between us. And surely she knows her way around her slaves, so a little tease via voice messages often ends up with me buying her extra gifts, such as toys, perfumes, lingerie or shoes. This is of course extra added to the monthly tribute, that I send her for her time and effort. But for me it is all worth it.

Play with the cage for her

On a regular basis, she demands me to see that the numbered plastic lock on my cage is still the same. She commands me to play with the cage, until my member is bulging out of it and the skin is stretched to it limits. When I need to wash my member and the cage, she always demands me to send her a video to make sure that I don’t do anything naughty.

If she is not 100% satisfied with me, or if she is just bored and looking for good laughs, she gives me punishments. With long distance slavery the punishments are always tricky, but her kinky, devious mind has ways. Self spanking or ball slapping is quite normal, but because she cannot be absolutely sure that the hits are as hard as she wants, she also comes up with different punishments. For example not long ago my monthly tribute was one day late, so she told me to drink a few extra glasses of water at work, but that I was not allowed to go to toilet, and I was to call her on my way home from work.

The video call

We had a video call, and I told her how badly I needed to pee, she humiliated and scolded me for my mistake and after a while she told me to wet myself. It was a mean punishment, but one that I knew I deserved. It was really difficult to let my piss flow. It felt so wrong, but for Mrs. Sophie it was highly amusing. When I finally managed to wet myself she burst into laughter, and demanded to see my pants. I think I have never been humiliated like that. Worst of course was that I bumped into my neighbor, and it was impossible that he didn’t see or smell my situation.

I broke the chastity seal

Another punishment was when I broke my chastity seal and masturbated. It had been a long time, and she had teased me so much during that week that finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke the plastic lock and wanked to her photos. It felt so amazing. When I finally came, I felt a strong rush in my head and the amount of cum was ridiculous. But after a minute or two, when the high of the orgasm receded, I knew I was in for trouble. And my mistake was that I didn’t even confess this to Mistress, but she found out when she demanded to see my cage and the serial number of the plastic lock did no longer match.

The disappointment

She was very disappointed and scolded me. She told me that if I was not committed to her, there no longer was point in this chastity game anymore. She told me to think about it for a week, but said that she might not even want to have me as her slave anymore, because I had been unfaithful to her.

For a week we did not have any communication. I felt as if I had lost her. Finally she gave me a writing task to contemplate on my naughty behavior and how I would improve in the future. To end the letter I was to tell her how much she meant to me. I was lucky that she was satisfied with my letter and that she believed that I could improve in the future, but that I had to pay her one extra month tribute for long distance slavery and one hour session fee for wanking without permission. But that was nothing, compared to what being her slave meant to me.

The next skype session

In our next skype session she told me to get naked and wear nothing but a ball gag. Then she told me to remove the chastity cage. She told me to edge several times, she teased me with her gorgeous body. She knows how weak I am for her amazing breasts and ass. When I was ready to cum again, she told me to cool down. Then she told me to get a lot of tiger balm and spread it all over my groin, balls and shaft. If spanking myself is a difficult punishment, tiger balm was different. Once applied, the burning cannot be helped. And boy how it burned. I screamed through my gag and tears filled my eyes.

I lay naked on the floor under Mrs. Sophie’s supervision. I lost the track of time, and after maybe five or ten minutes she had seen enough of me squirming and she disconnected. I learned a tough lesson of obeying her orgasm control.

In our Skype sessions she always wants to see me play with my ass with a butt plug, or fuck myself with a suction cup dildo. This always makes me leak precum. I think her ultimate goal is to make me cum with my cage on, but so far I have been a disappointment in this sense. But I am looking forward to many hot ass fucking sessions under her supervision. Sometimes she allows me to remove the cage for play and she gives me jerk-off instructions.

She is a hard boiled professional

In this she is a real hard boiled professional. She is very strict about the rules. How fast I am allowed to play with myself. When and how often I am allowed to edge, when I must ride the edge and stay there. If she allows me to squirt my filthy man juice, it almost always must be a ruined orgasm. She carefully instructs me over the edge with very fine movements, often with just one finger. And naturally she wants to see me consume my cum.

Three months since my full orgasm

Now it has been three months since my last full orgasm, but even in a long distance slavery, when we have a Skype session, if I hear her say: I want you to cum now, slave. It makes me hot like never before. That is the kind of control she has over me. Of course she often changes her mind before I am able to cum and that is so frustrating. But I always respect her command.

She also has control of my lovense vibe toy. And this she loves to use during our Skype sessions and particularly after she has decided to deny me. My member hard and throbbing, leaking and gleaming with precum, and tears of frustration in my eyes, she gives my ass some more vibes. Afterwards she often shows me her ass. She knows what a slut I am for her ass, and clearly she enjoys when she makes me feel weak for it. She tells me to describe her ass, and asks me what I would do if I could kiss it right now. She really knows how to tease me with her perfect body.

So… if there’s someone out there thinking, is long distance slavery with Mrs. Sophie thrilling and worth it? I would say 110% it is. And I can’t even think of the excitement of our next session, when I get to serve her again. She just has that magical skill of sparking up electricity between herself and her slaves.

With horny regards,

Mrs. Sophie’s long distance chastity slut.