We enjoyed a lively chat while we waited for the appetizers, when a tremendously good looking couple arrived to a table near us. I kicked his knee under the table and nodded towards the attractive couple. He was tall and muscular with nicely trimmed beard and an undercut hairstyle and his large hand was resting on his girlfriend’s curvy butt highlighted by her tight red dress that really brought out her amazing curves. He reached down to place a passionate kiss on her lips, as she was tiny. She had exotic dark features; hazel eyes, curly black hair and her dress revealed her tattoos.

I mentioned their size difference to my sub and said that a big and muscular guy like him surely will give such a petite girl some seriously good loving, and I saw desperate excitement in his eyes. I asked if he would like to be dominated by such a tiny woman, and he agreed that it would definitely fulfill his fantasy to be dominated by two dommes. “What about the guy, then? How would you deal with him?”, I asked for my amusement.

Lost for words

He was lost for words, trying to find an answer. Little did he know, that I had arranged them to sit right next to us, but that wasn’t all that I had planned for that night. He was looking a little uncomfortable trying to figure out what was going on. I kept talking to him about the couple, what an amazing dick he surely has and how I would love to eat her out while getting fucked by a strong bull like him. He was clearly losing his plot and he managed to drop his glass and make a mess. I reprimanded him and told that such a clumsy chastity boy would surely not deserve any pleasure that night.

During the rest of the dinner I made him nervous with remarks to the stunning couple as well as his situation in chastity. I saw in his eyes, always the excitement of arousal, when I said anything sexual, but then quickly it turned to frustrated realization that he was my toy to be played with, nothing more.

Hmm let me fantasize about his big cock

After fantasizing about that guy’s cock out loud for a while to my slave, I said: “stay here, I want to share a word or two with them”. I fixed my dress, and made my way to them, swinging my sexy hips, fully aware that my slave would stare at my ass obsessively. I started talking to the couple, made compliments about their looks. Her oriental features and a good looking tattoo, his muscular body, strong arms and stylish haircut. They seemed to relax and then all of a sudden I pointed at my slave, we all turned to look at him and laughed. He looked uncomfortable in his chair, not knowing what we were talking about. Then I lifted my little finger, and while looking at him, did a small stroking gesture.

Then I explained to the couple that he is locked in chastity, and made gesture, so that my slave in his chair also would figure out what we were talking about. We chatted a little more, and every now and then looked at my slave. Then I made sure that they remembered the game plan, and went back to our table. “I am going to the room. Get the bill and follow me.”, I told my slave as I patted his head and made my way to the elevator.

Lets go upstairs

In the room I had a few minutes of time to make sure that everything was ready for our session. I knew very well, that if a slave knows that his Mistress has already gone up to the room, he will not waste a second before rushing after her. So it did not take too long, before I heard a knock on the door. I let him wait there a minute or two before I opened the door. He stepped into our room lit with candles.

“Leave your clothes on the chair, you won’t be needing them anymore”, I commanded him.

When he was naked, I walked around him. I stood behind him squeezed his nipple hard with my long nails and yanked his chastity cage with my other hand.

“Now I want you to kneel on the floor while I change my outfit”, I told him and he obeyed.

“But I must secure you, since surely naughty slave as you, couldn’t behave yourself in my presence.”, I continued, and took handcuffs and blindfold from the table. First I blindfolded him, then I cuffed his left wrist to his right ankle and right wrist to his left ankle.

“Now that you are well contained, I can describe what is happening”, I told him, as I teased him by telling him how I undressed myself.

Let me tease you with my words

“It’s a pity you don’t have a cock worthy of me. I am certain that he has an amazing dick. Not a tiny one like yours. That kind of a proper cock would really please me, and tonight I felt like I am in a need of a real good fucking. And you, my slave, are never going to be doing that. You are lucky if you get to watch something like that.”

“You know, for a moment I even thought that I could convince them to join us tonight, maybe I would allow you to eat her pussy afterwards. Or maybe that would have been too great of a reward, but imagine the pleasure of smelling the heat of your Mistress and hear her moans of pleasure.

As I teased him with my words I got into my other outfit, my favourite Honey Birdette lingerie set (see the picture 😉 ), and teasingly I brushed his cheeks with my amazing hips. Then I put on some music relatively loud, so I could pull off my next trick. I carefully walked to the door and opened it. The couple from the restaurant was waiting there. As we had agreed earlier, the woman walked quietly behind my slave, so that she could not be seen. My slave sensed that something was going on and said: “Mistress, what’s going on? What are you doing?”.

…….. to be continued

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