I walked to him and slapped his cheek. “I didn’t give you a permission to speak, did I?”, I told him and turned off the music

I then made myself comfortable on the bed and signaled with my finger for the man to join me. I opened my legs and smirked at the guy, showing that he would be welcome to taste me. As his warm kisses started going up from my feet towards my inner thighs and towards my sanctum. I let out a series of purposefully load moans.

“I seriously crave for a strong bull to take me with his strong arms and big dick”, I said out loud, while watching my slave wriggle in his uncomfortable position on the floor. Maybe he thought that I was only playing with myself, but I saw his chastity cage bulge to its limits. Time for the next part, I thought…

I started to undress my bull. First his belt made clinging sound as I opened his pants and released his nice cock. Then I gave my best effort to give him a sloppy and loud blowjob. And then he also let out a groan of pleasure.

Are you up for the surprise?

“Mistress, what’s going on?”, he asked again.

I continued for a while, while my bull removed the rest of his clothes. Then I stood up from the bed and bent over a little, giving my bull a signal to take me from behind. I leaned against the desk, so that my big breasts were hanging right in front of my slave. I looked into the eyes of the woman, who was sitting comfortably on the desk, already fingering herself with a smile on her face. She let her hands wonder around his body, gently shaking his chastity cage and playing with his nipples. Then she looked into my eyes and nodded. She stood up and placed her butt close to his face. I realized what she had in her mind, and I said “Kiss my ass”. He tried to lean forward and hungrily his lips started worshiping her butt cheeks. “Good boy”, I encouraged him. She then squeezed his chastity cage between her legs. I observed all this and teased him: “don’t you wish you could hump between my legs until you blew your filthy load”.

“Yes, Mistress. Please unlock me, please let me do that”, he uttered.

At that point I decided to reveal the scene and remove my slave’s blindfold.

“Surprise!”, I told him and pushed his face towards my breasts, and the my bull entered me from behind. Out of the pleasure I grabbed the back of my slave’s head and told him to worship my breasts. I released his head and looked down. It looked as if his chastity cage was ready to explode. Right then the woman from the restaurant placed her fingers under his nose for him to smell and then pushed them into his mouth, while playing with his nipples with her other hand.

Then my bull started to speed up with more intense thrusts, and my moaning got louder and louder.

Oh, no your chastity

“Oh, I almost forgot about your chastity…”, I told him.

“Can you see your key hanging around my necklace? We are having so much fun, I almost feel guilty for excluding you”, I told him. “Almost.”

“Maybe I will let her decide”, I told him and gave the key to the girl. Then I pushed my bull back to the bed and started riding him.

The other girl then played her part. “I have never seen one of these chastity cages before, I want to take a look.”, she said as she jumped down from the desk and squatted down in front of him. She grabbed the cage and smirked. “Why would any real man agree to something like this?”, she asked. “Doesn’t it hurt that it’s bulging like this?”

“Yes, it hurts, but it makes me so submissive to my Mistress.”

She then bent towards the cage and gave it little kisses while knocking the lock with the key. “What would you do if I gave you a little present?”, she asked. “Anything, ma’am”, anything, my slave responded. Then she stared into his eyes, licked her fingers briefly. Then her hands drifted to her sanctum. She played with herself for a moment before wiping her wet fingers in his face. “I was told that you haven’t deserved to be unlocked, so I guess this will have to do.”, she said as she rubbed herself between her legs.

Let’s ride our bull

I had gone back to work wonders on my bull’s cock with my luscious lips and mouth. She mounted on my bull’s face and we both looked at him as we played with our bull. I saw tears flowing on my slave’s cheek. I maintained eye contact with my slave as I started sucking my bull’s balls while I stroked his fantastic cock. I smiled towards them and said: “why don’t you join us?”, and he leant eagerly forward, as if he forgot that his hands were still tied to his ankles. He almost fell on his face, but the other girl pushed him back. “No, of course I didn’t mean you, you silly slave, I meant her”, I said and blew a kiss for him while caressing my Bull’s cock: “if only you weren’t such a small dick slave, you could be here with us.”

The other girl jumped to the bed and gave me a hand with the Bull. We proceeded giving him a two girl blowjob on our all fours, with our asses up in the air giving my slave a nice view: two stunning asses, our moist sanctums for him to see, and our strong, handsome and highly self-confident Bull receiving unimaginable pleasure and staring into my slave’s eyes. We shared that awesome cock, swapping it from mouth to mouth, sharing passionate kisses with each other and making sure that we made so much noise that it would make my slave’s chastity cage explode. Our Bull grabbed the back of our heads with each of his hands and pushed us towards his groin.

look at these oily cheeks

I got up from the bed and took a bottle of massage oil from the table. I stood in front of my slave and bent a little, to bring my ass cheeks close to his face: “kiss my ass, slave”, I told him, and he hungrily obliged. But I didn’t want him to have too much fun, so I stepped away and started pouring massage oil on the other girl’s ass. It started to gleam in the dimly lit hotel room. “Do you like her ass, slave?”, I asked him and he replied immediately: “I do, but it’s not as perfect as yours, Mistress”. “Ohhh, you’re such a sweet boy”, I told him with a smile on my face, as I continued rubbing my girl’s ass. She was still busy with his Stallion’s cock. I slid my middle finger in her ass and she let out a horny whisper full of lust: “Ohh, Sophie your finger feels so good in my ass”. My slave licked his lips. The situation was becoming overwhelming for him. “Would you like to eat her ass?”, I asked him, and naturally he admitted. “Of course you do, you dirty boy.”, I told him. “That would be lovely. Let him eat out my ass, while I ride our Bull. Let’s do that!”, she eagerly joined in our conversation.

The Bull then laid on the bed on his back and easily lifted her on top of him. I threw him a condom from the table. She had already started riding the bull as I released my slaves cuffs. I grabbed him by his ear and dragged him close to her ass. “Easy now boy, easy, wait for my command”, I told him as I held his head in place while her ass was hitting his face as she was riding the Bull. My grip on his earlobe was tight. I could feel his whole body tremble of lust. I enjoyed the moment. His eyes were fixed on her asshole, despite the discomfort of his face being constantly hit by her ass. Then I gave him permission. “Okay, you naughty boy, you may begin”. I didn’t need to tell him twice. In a blink his tongue was all over her ass. Even though I must admit that his desperation amused me, I thought his behavior was a bit too bold. I grabbed his hair with force and scolded him: “Don’t you have any manners, slave? You just went right for the main course. Have you not learned anything?” “I’m sorry, Mistress, but you are making me so horny”, he uttered. “But surely you should already know, that that isn’t any kind of an excuse.”, I replied as I pulled his head back a little and directed him to first lick her butt cheeks. “Start from there with gentle kisses”, I told him while I grabbed his hair even harder, making sure he felt a little uncomfortable.

‘I am a dirty ass kisser’

“Your slave is such a good ass kisser”, she commented as her breathing was getting more heavy. Our Bull was slapping her ass cheeks, not caring if he hit my slave’s face while doing it. “Did you hear that compliment, boy? Are you a good ass kisser, boy?”, I asked him. “Yes, Mistress. I am a dirty ass kisser!”, he said. I let go of his hair and said: “okay, boy, you may now ask for a permission to eat her asshole.”, I told him. “Ma’am, may I eat your asshole”, he asked and she laughed. “What an obedient slave, yes, eat my ass, eat it like there’s no tomorrow”, she said and started riding even harder. I watched in amusement and I saw his face dig even deeper between her ass cheeks.

I took a step back, poured some oil in my hand and reached between his legs. I went straight for his chastity cage. Now imagine the scene: she was riding the Bull, he was getting closer to cum, so he had started to push his cock in even harder while grabbing her hair and body with his strong arms and sucking her amazing breasts. My slave desperately enjoying his reward to eat her ass, while I play with my oily hand with his locked cock and balls. She came first, and our Bull right after. Their pace was slowing down as they got even more deeply wrapped around each other’s bodies. I grabbed my slave’s earlobe again: “okay, boy, I think you have had enough for now”, as I pulled his head back.

I then grabbed our Bull’s cock and rolled off the condom. It was so full of cum, that I couldn’t resist the urge and I told my slave to open his mouth and push his tongue out. He knew what was coming and was hesitant. I kicked his balls and said: “don’t try to fight, boy, it’s going to happen whether you want it or not”. I grabbed his cheeks forcing his mouth open and with my other hand I let the cum fall from the condom on his face and into his mouth. “Now lick my fingers you dirty slut”, I commanded him as the couple watched from the bed in amusement, as my slave hungrily licked the cum from my fingers.

It’s my turn now

I pat his head, smiled: “I think now it’s my turn”, and got on the bed on my back. I gestured to the girl to join me and spread my legs wide. She slowly crawled towards me. First she took my left foot, sucked my toes and gave my foot many wet kisses. Then repeated the same with my right foot. Then progressed with wet kisses up my shins and thighs, alternating between left and right. Slowly making her way towards my sanctum. She really knew how to make me crazy. I grabbed her hair and impatiently dragged her head towards my groin, and she started to work magic with her tongue. I turned my head and watched my slave in the eye. I told him to come closer, and then told him to hold my nipple in his mouth. Not to lick it, not to suck it and most definitely not to bite it. Just hold it in his mouth, while I moaned in pleasure in his ear and the other girl was working her magic between my legs.

She was really talented with her tongue, and just at the perfect moment our bull joined. “Oh god that’s good, I bet you wished you’d be there between my legs, slave, don’t you?”, I teased him and heard him mumble something very carefully, still holding my nipple in his mouth. I encouraged the girl and my bull to lick harder and faster as I was starting to feel that sweet tinging sensation between my legs and all over my body. I started to push my hips towards them, and felt our mixed juices run down my thighs. As I felt I was going to cum, I told her to grab my wand, and she duly obliged. She didn’t waste time, pressed the wand against my clit and started with full force.

My body started shaking and I grabbed my slaves hair as I felt the warm waves travel through my body. “Ahhh, that’s good, just like that, just like that”, I moaned as I came first once, then twice and as I worked my hips in order for the wand to hit my sweetest spots, I came the third time. I was out of breath, satisfied but exhausted. I pulled my slaves head away from my nipple and slapped his cheek gently.

Get dressed I will teach you a lesson

“You have drooled all over me, like a pig! Are you a pig?”, I asked him, and he embarrassingly nodded. “Get dressed pig.”, I commanded him. “Because you drooled on me, I will teach you a lesson.” When he was dressed, I grabbed my wand on my one hand, and his chastity cage through his pants with my other hand. “Do you want to cum now, slave”, I asked him. He stared at me silently. “I haven’t got all day, choose quickly. It’s a simple yes or no question.” And as you can guess, he indeed did want to cum. I went behind him and reached around and pressed the wand against the cage, and turned it on. “Ask for permission when you are about to cum”, I told him. He let out this brainless howl, as the powerfully trembling cage started to cause collateral damage to his dick.

He was quickly overwhelmed as I massaged the cage with the wand. “Mistress, I… I… I… think I am close. Shouldn’t I remove my pants, Mistress?”, he uttered. “No dear, I don’t think so. This is just fine.”, I said to him with an amused laugh. He started panting like a dog in heat as I pushed the wand to full power and that pushed him close to the edge. “Mistress I am cuming, may I cum, may I cum, may I cum, Mistress”, he seemed to have lost his mind. I bit his ear as I gave him permission. I stared over his shoulder as his dick was in spasmed violently. He let out a cry that was a mixture of pain from the bulging cage and pleasure of his ejaculation. He really stained his pants. I patted his cheek and said: “Okay, cumstain boy, I think we are ready to go downstairs for my cocktail.”, and the couple burst out in laughter as they watched in wonder what had just happened.