Forced-bi, virginity loss

Forced-bi, virginity loss

Three weeks had passed since I had locked my contract slave into chastity. Three weeks of fun… at least for me, but for him… not so much. For those readers, who have never been locked into chastity, 3 weeks is just a number. But for anyone who has experienced the delights of chastity play, they know how it goes. The first week feels quite exciting and new, and then the reality of it slowly starts to sink in. There’s just no way to relieve yourself, so you just watch in frustration as your denial gets more real by the day, and little by little you become more and more a slave to your lust. And that’s what makes chastity play so much fun, because it just makes men so desperate to do anything, just if they think that after they get to cum. Of course you need to try it to really understand what I am talking about.

According to our contract my slave had 45 minutes to get to my dungeon if I told him so, so whatever he was doing, he had to find an excuse to stop it and come over. I had told him to keep his phone in his jeans’ pocket and on vibration at all times so that he would feel it against his cage when I sent him a message. I told him: “tonight will be the first night of your long awaken fantasy, so come to the studio.”

It was already dark outside, when he texted that he was waiting outside. He didn’t know what was coming, so I thought I should let him enjoy the excitement and kept him waiting outside for a good 10 minutes, before I told him to come to my door. I let him in and told him to undress and follow me, and I immediately tied him to my bondage table and blindfolded him. Once he was secured to the table I started running my fingers across his body. It was easy to tell how much it turned him on to be in the presence of his Mistress, but to feel my skin on his skin was definitely more than he had hoped for. I brought my lips close to his ear and teased him with things he could only dream of.

As he was blindfolded, I turned the music a bit louder and told him I’d be back in a moment. What he didn’t know was that I had also invited my sexy bull tonight. I told my bull to follow me silently, so that my slave wouldn’t hear his footsteps. I had a little bit more fun with my slave in which I gently played with his chastity cage.

- “Should I remove this? Perhaps not, it has only been three weeks…”

I pulled the cage again.

- “I bet you would love to get your dick hard again. And feel my fingers run up and down, pump that hard cock until you spurt out that filthy man juice of yours. Yes, you would love that. Would you be ready to swallow your cum, if I did that to you, slave?”, I asked

- “Yes, Mistress. I would.”, he replied

- “Hahaha, I bet you would… what an obedient boy you are”, I laughed.

I then rubbed his swollen balls.

- Oh poor slave, these balls must be so full of cum already. You must be desperate to get some relief… But I have other plans for you tonight, my dear. I think you need to wait a little bit longer for your next orgasm..

I unlocked his chains and took him facing the wall and told him to kneel and bound his hands to the St. Andrews cross. I told him to open his mouth, then I squeezed his cheeks and pushed in a mouth spreader so he would keep his mouth open. Still blindfolded, he sat there in complete silence for several minutes as I put on my strap-on. I then walked up to him and slapped his face a few times with the strap-on before I started rubbing his tongue with it.

- “How do you like being facefucked, my slave”, I asked him as I started pushing the strap-on deeper into his mouth.

Of course he couldn’t reply with his mouth full of cock, but it just amuses me to hear my slaves mumble; half panicking as I fuck their mouth harder, but still enjoying the situation.

After I had had enough fun fucking his mouth, it was time for the real treat. I unattached his hands and took him to my spanking bench and tied him there. Ass up and open, ready for fucking. I put some lube first and told him how he was going to get fucked seriously. Then I gestured my bull to approach us. He did with his big cock hard and he started to fuck my slaves ass. I stood behind them and talked to my slave as if he was still getting my strap-on. I silently removed my high heels so he could not hear if I moved.

I encouraged my slave to take that dick in like a good slut, and I fiddled with his chastity cage, just to make him more desperate.

- “Maybe from now on you will only cum from taking it up your ass… I think that’s your fate, slave”, I told him and he had no idea what was really happening behind him.

- With me only real men with BIG cocks are allowed to have a proper orgasm, for my sissies and small dick bitches I only permit ruined orgasms, but for some who are truly desperate and committed, maybe they can get an anal orgasm… I laughed.

- Come on sissy boy, show me how you can cum from assfucking, I encouraged him, while my bull was picking up pace and pushing his big cock deeper into his suffering ass.

I grabbed his cage and said: “ohhhh slut, you’re leaking already, maybe a little harder and deeper and you will spurt your dirty cum, hahahaha”.

- “Are you enjoying your ass fucking, slut?”

- “It hurts, Mistress”

I nodded at my bull with a cheeky grin, encouraging him to go even harder, which he duly did.

- Is this better, slut? ‘cause that’s what you obviously are, a cock hungry slut…

- aaaaaah, yes, Mistress

He seemed to resist a little, but I slapped his as quite hard a few times

- Keep your ass open, slut

- Yes, Mistress.

- Say “I’m your slut, Mistress”

- I’m your slut, Mistress

- Doesn’t sound like you mean it, say it louder and like you really mean it.

- I am your slut, Mistress.

- I think you should say it louder, like a proud slut should… Say you are slut and you love to be fucked in the ass.

- I am a slut… and I love….  Aaaaahhh, to be…. fucked in…. the ass, Mistress.

My bull was pounding him harder and with every strong, deep thrust my slave’s words got stuck in his throat.

I took a step back and enjoyed my bull taking my slave, who still had no idea what was happening. I snapped a few photos of the special moment for him… You know, it’s not everyday that you straight guys lose your ass virginity to a good looking bull with a big cock. Hahahaha.

After a while my bull gave me a signal that he was ready to cum. I walked up to my slave, squatted close to his ear and whispered

- Surprise, slut.

His face was really worth seeing. It took a moment before he was able to do the equation. Then he became pale white like a seasick person. How was it possible that I was squatting beside him AND fucking him at the same time. He went into real panic. His body started to resist. I grabbed his head and removed his blindfold and told my bull to cum on his face. He had fun with my slave for a while and fucked his mouth, before covering his face with cum.

How humiliating is that? For a straight guy to lose his ass virginity to his Mistresses bull and then get his mouth fucked. Well, very humiliating actually. My slave started to cry a little.

- What a dirty slut you are. You put your ass up for this handsome guy and beg him to fuck you…

I then went to get my bull a drink. Came back and let my slave sob, still tied to the bench for fifteen minutes before he had calmed himself down, so that I could untie him. But before I sent him home I told him to lick my bull’s cock clean first.

First he resisted, but I reminded of our contract and that just a few weeks ago he had actually told me how he wanted forced bi action.

It took a moment for him to relax. I went behind him and pressed my big breasts against his back, let my one hand run around his body and with my other hand I gently grabbed his cage. Then I whispered in his ear.

- Show me what a good boy you are. Get on your knees and show me how you give head.

Finally he got down on his knees and first started licking my bull’s cock coyly.

- Come on slut, that’s not really cleaning it. Show some passion!

Then my bull was already getting hard, so he grabbed my slave’s head and pushed his cock down his throat and held his head like that until my slut started gagging.

- That’s more like it, I encouraged

My slut grabbed my bull’s cock and started to go faster, with my bull helping him by pushing the back of his head, so that he would take the cock a little deeper.

- Is he a good cocksucker? I asked my bull

- He is just a typical beginner: first he pretends to be shy, but turns out he’s really eager as hell.

We both laughed out loud and my bull was telling the slave to go faster.

Quite soon he blew his load on my slut’s face.

Then without allowing him to wash his cum covered face, I told him to get dressed and go home.

- When you get home I want you to send me a photo and I want to see that cum still shining on your face.

See boys… This is what can happen to you if you give me a no-limits agreement to fulfill your fantasies.