The contract

The contract

It had been a long week before our meeting at the restaurant. As often happens with prospective slaves, and now my boys and girls, PAY ATTENTION; too much talk and too little worshipping and selfless dedication makes your Mistress bored. Very very easily. But he had fallen under the spell of his femme fatale. It only took the sound of my heels clacking against the floor as I approached him, full of confidence, like only a experienced Dominatrix knows how. His face looked pale and nervous, I greeted my slave and gave him my all conquering smile, which all of you, who have been lucky enough to have seen me, are so familiar with. Oh yes, he indeed had fallen.

Why I had decided to overlook some of the annoying characteristics of this prospective slave, was that he wanted to become my full slave for a whole month. His willingness for commitment on this level intrigued me. Believe me when I say I have seen it all, so I wasn’t overwhelmed, but to have a contract slave for a month gives me so much freedom to play with my devious mind, so we sat down and went over the details, so that silly boy would really understand what kind of trouble his little dick was about to get him. As a professional I do not take this level of commitment lightly. For me it takes a lot of my precious time. Not just when I decide to have a little fun with my slave, but also I spend time carefully planning how to exploit his weakness and give him the experience of a lifetime. For him one month under a contract… Well, let’s just say it is a very high risk with a possible reward.

So it came the day when it was time for us to sign the contract. I was waiting for him at my studio and I wanted him to start the month without a fraction of doubt, that he was expected to devote his body and soul to his Mistress for the next 30 days. I was wearing a mesh bodysuit, high heels one of my favourite latex skirts. Some of you have probably seen it in my photos. Yes… the red one. Doesn’t it look absolutely gorgeous on my sexy curves?

The bell rang. I looked at my watch. He was on time. “Luckily a Mistress does not need a valid reason to punish her slaves”, I thought and walked to the door to let the poor boy in. This time he was even more nervous than in the restaurant. I heard a whisper. Like a petrified mouse he said: “Hello Mistress”. It’s always so amusing to me how you guys all of a sudden get so shy when I open my magic door. I commanded him to enter, and he duly obeyed. I told him to leave his shoes in the corridor and then follow me to my studio. I took a few steps, swinging my hips. I could almost feel his horny gaze fixed on my luscious ass, beautifully covered by the latex skirt. I looked at him over my shoulder and gave him a cheeky smile; “Come on boy, I am not going to wait for you forever.”

My magic words sure sped him up. Once we got inside the studio, I told him to get naked. Surely a Mistress must inspect and approve her slaves before signing a contract. He stood there frozen. “Get naked, NOW! You should be smart enough already to not to make me tell you twice.” And soon he was there butt naked, a man who in his messages was so cocky and full of confidence. Now exposed to my dominant gaze, my touch, my will. So vulnerable, so submissive, too shy to even look at me. A slave with his eyes cast on the floor. Afraid to even peek at his Goddess. Now that’s a sight that I find pleasing. I walked around him. Clack-clack went the sound of my favourite high heels. Exciting. I ran my fingers across his naked back. I could hear his nervous breathing get even more irregular. He was incredibly tense. Perfect

I then finished my inspection round and stood in front of him. I attached the handcuffs and told him to kneel. He tried to stare at his Mistress, but I slapped his cheek and pinched his nipple with force and told him to keep his eyes on the floor. He went down to his knees and I collared him. I took a step back. A well trained male slave, clean shaven, wearing only cuffs and a collar. Amusing, I smiled. I reached out for the contract, which I held in my right hand and a pen in my left hand.

“Read it out for me, slave.” I commanded him. His nervous voice answered: “Yes, Mistress.”

He started reading. He was very nervous, but after a few sentences he became more composed as he read further, until he came to a part of the contract, which I had changed for my own pleasure. First his words started to slow down. He was almost stuttering. But I knew what I was doing. In theory he had the right to not sign the contract, but I could see that his happy little member between his legs was very reassuring that he was going to accept… let’s say the new, improved version. There was no way that he would not sign it. So the words just fell from his mouth. One by one. And it made me smile. I could hear the submission in his words. By reading it out loud he accepted his fate as my slave. He looked up at me and asked: “Why have you changed it, Mistress?”

“Don’t be such a pussy. I had the impression, that you wanted to please me. I hope I wasn’t wrong?”

Now he looked truly afraid. I could hear him trying to swallow, to ease his being, but his mouth was too dry. Finally he stuttered: “Yes, yes, yes Ma’am.”, as cold sweat was dripping from his forehead.

“Oh that’s so sweet of you, slave.”, I said and handed him the pen. He was hesitating. His horny brain wanted to sign. His pathetic dick… probably more than anything before in his life wanted to sign, but it seemed as if his body refused to co-operate.

I told him: “If you are not ready for this, you are free to walk out and leave this just as a fantasy.”

“What I am offering you here is more than you have dared to hope for in your wildest dreams. I really thought you would be brave enough to take a chance and dive head first into my world of domination.”

He bowed his head and finally his hand started to move the pen on the paper. “Good boy, I knew you would be brave enough to do it. Today you have pleased me, slave.”

I felt my power. He looked absolutely defeated, and we hadn’t even had a real session yet! Another man had fallen under my control. Mistress had conquered another poor soul. Before I sent him home, one final stroke for my masterpiece; I sent him to fetch his chastity cage. Yes, all men should be kept in chastity. Around the clock, around the year. Once he was locked tightly in his cage, I placed the key in a chain around my neck. I told him to look at it carefully. It was hanging there between my perfect breasts, my nipples only covered with nipple pasties. His eyes were full of lust. “Look at this, slave. The key to your cock, all mine. Doesn't it look lovely right there. I am your keyholder now. No more unauthorised wanking, you dirty boy. No more selfish behaviour. You belong to me now!” Then it was time to send him home. He still needed to build up some more horniness to deepen his obedience for our first real session…

to be continued...