words of a submissive

Yes, Ma’am, I want you to use me.
With that body I luckily know so well.
It’s way more than you just using me.
you are the reason I rebel.

Yes, Ma’am, I want you to fuck me.
With your strap-on made of leather and silicone.
Strapped in your sling aching every minute.
I will try to keep still, not disturbing you with my moan.

Yes, Ma’am, I want to be punished.
With the whips you like so much.
My gaze lowers at your command.
Hoping after I will get a gentle touch.

Yes, Ma’am, I know I have been naughty.
Punish me from every side.
Hearing your heels clacking on the floor.
Needing discipline you can only provide.

Down on the floor on to my knees.
My mind in complete ectasy.
Use me for you pleasure, I’m begging you
Your tough love is what sets me free.

Yes, Ma’am, please let me thank you.
for getting the chance of being your precious pet.
Even though I don’t deserve it.
I will show you I’m grateful every chance I get.

Yes, Ma’am, I want you to use me.
In the way you desire.
I will hurt to make you happy.
Your dominace is the only thing I admire.