By wearing lingerie and latex, I invoke my inner femme fatale ‘mistress’. She’s a very deadly, very addictive version of me. In this mode I am 200% aware of my ability to drive men crazy with my body, and I am not hesitant to use that against you. It drives me wild to explore new boundaries like this. To see how far I am able to push my sub and how his weakness in front of a woman from his wildest dreams makes him slide deeper into the ecstasy of subspace. My excitement arises when I hear the ultimate despair in a broken, cracked voice, or when I see an absolute submission in the eyes of my naked sub. How I can see vulnerability and devotion, how they come to terms that their fantasy of a sexy mistress slips through their fingers, despite their best efforts, I will remain unattainable.

The complete confusion and sometimes almost blind panic of a mind-fuck, the stirring passion and emotions of a wild, loud game, or in silence, the pain seeps in slowly, the suffering but also the burning desire in the eyes of my slave. The thrill of all of this is almost addictive to me.

Femme Fatale

I understand lust, desires, kinks and preferences. Trust me, however, that the best way to get to know the true mistress in me, the real femme fatale, is when I genuinely feel that I have you wrapped around my little finger. When I see that you obey my every command without a hesitation, be it just in a session or during a slave contract. If you trust in me and take a chance you’ll always be safe in my hands. Your limits are always respected. Femme fatale session is like a proverbial jump off a cliff, and I’ll be down there to catch you. If you only knew how much it thrills me to drive you into such ecstasy, so that you are going to keep pushing beyond the barriers of your mind. That your are willing to try to cross those limits just for me? Just something extra, just a little bit more, just a little bit bigger and want me to go a little bit harder?

All to please me as your mistress and hoping to get my approval. The pleasure and pure lust that I feel when we start breaking taboos, pushing boundaries and letting my hands feel every part of your body and discover your sweet spots, is still such a thrill for me.. You are going to suffer for me, whether in the form of a punishment or a reward, but oh how you will enjoy it when I finally allow it. So, my slave, submit and surrender … you’ve probably never thought that it could be so very deliciously naughty.